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Nightjar Ridge Natives products are Australian natives only. Grown and harvested sustainably on our own property in the hinterland of the Gold Coast.

We provide 2 main services – cut flower arrangements and landscaping/revegetation projects. No job is too big or too small. 

Native only cut flowers​​/arrangements

 - We provide cut flowers, foliage and unique arrangements direct to the public or to local businesses.  We only sell what we grow from our property.

Examples of projects we can provide:
-        Weddings; Birthdays; Events; Gifts; Christmas tables/functions; Photo shoots; Funerals;
-        Wreaths;
-        Head pieces;
-        Arbours;
-        Bouquets/corsage;
-        Table runners/normal arrangements.

Landscaping & revegetation projects

Always wanted a native only garden or help with restoring your bushland area? We can help by providing on grounds works as well as advice. 

Examples of projects we can provide:
- Creating a backyard for wildlife;
- Installation of edible food gardens (bushfoods);
- Butterfly host plant garden;
- Rainforest re-establishment post clearing;
- Flora & fauna surveying;
- Assisting natural regeneration through weed control and plantings;
- Creating low maintenance backyard gardens;
- Follow-up works and maintenance;




For more information on our products & pricing go to our "Products" page or have a look on our "Gallery" page.

Give us a call or sent us an email if you would like further information or have any questions.