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What we do at Nightjar Ridge Natives:

 Cut flowers/arrangements for all occasions
  •  Our large-scale plantings of natives are grown outdoors on our property & provide a vast range of flower sizes, colours, textures and contrast;
  • We provide cut flowers, foliage and unique arrangements direct to the public or to local businesses.  We only sell what we grow from our property;
  • Head pieces, table runners/arrangements, event beautification through flowers/foliage & seed pods, weddings (arbours, table arrangements, corsage/bouquets), events, funeral casket arrangements, wreaths and custom pieces.

Landscaping/revegetation/bushland rehabilitation:
Always wanted a native only garden or help with restoring your bushland area? We do it all - from design, sourcing plants, on-ground works (weed control, planting, watering, mulching) & short/long term maintenance;  ​
Creating a backyard for wildlife, creating low maintenance gardens;
Installation of bushfoods gardens, butterfly/bird attracting gardens, sensory garden, structural, erosion/waterways plantings;
Floating wetlands, dam enhancement, native pasture improvement;
Flora & fauna surveying, consulting advice.
   No job is too big or too small





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