Getting married? Have you considered Australian native only wedding flower arrangements?

We grow only Australian natives on our property in the hinterland of the Gold Coast. We pride ourselves on working with the bridal party to design uniquely amazing flower arrangements; no matter what you want to have.  All of our flower and foliage material is picked from our property, and production is free from chemicals.

Give us a call or message for a free quote.  Below is some of the work we have done. We can do as much or as little as you like.

Nightjar Specials​​
Starting from $75 per arrangement. 

We choose what is best in the gardens - we can make the arrangements bright and colourful or soft pallet.  Colours range: yellows, oranges, pinks, reds,purples and greens. Species including but not limited too: grevilleas, banksias, kangaroo pawas, bottlebrush, leptosperum, lemon scented myrtle, rice flowers, paper daisy and native grasses.

Funeral and table runner flower arrangements
Beach themed arrangement
This arrangement has a beach feel to it, including casuarina, palm, pandanus pods, banksia flowers.
Paper daisy theme
This arrangment has a selection of paper daisies featuring what is best in the gardens at the time.
Seed pods and eucalypt theme
This arrangment will have Eucalypt pods and leaves in the the arrangment.
Grevillea and/or Banksia theme
This arrangment is colourful, we can custom it to be yellow, orange, red, or pink themed or we can do a mixture. This size arrangment would start at $275.
Christmas  theme
This arrangment is predominatley green and red with a feel of christmas to it.
We provide flowers and arrangments for any type of funeral and event services. We do caskets, single stem arrangements to place on caskets.  We can make it colourful or softer colours for a man or women's service. We also do themed arrangements.

Every arrangement will be individual for something extra special. 

Arrangements starting at $175, depending on size.   Something WOW like the above casket arrangment package would be something around the $750. We provide quotes for all customers as everyone is a little different.

We also deliver to the service, funeral home. 
Larger arrangements
Want an arrangement that really goes WOW! Why not order something a bit different. Prices start at $200.
Banksia flowers, grass tree spikes, are just some of the options you can choose to add some extra WOW factor to your arrangement.

Bushland restoration

Want to protect, restore your bushland area?

We offer, flora and fauna surveys (tell you what you have and how to protect it). 

Weed control, habitat inhancement - installation of floating wetlands, nestboxes and plantings.

We can provide you with an hourly rate or project quote.

Something different

We do any sort of arrangement, let us know what you are wanting and we can design it together.

Pricing starting at $75.

Custom arrangements
Have a special event?
We can provide specific colours and styles for an event or occasion. Starting price $250.

Revegetation & Landscaping

Australian only species

We do small and large scale revegetation
projects as well as personal landscaping jobs. We can do an hourly rate or provide you with a quote for the entire job.


Wholesale: do-it-yourself

Want to do your own arrangements?Why not get a wholesale buckets of flowers, foliage or a combination.

Minimum purchase plus delivery is $250. 

Custom one of a kind hair peices

Want real all Australian native flowers for a hair piece? Your arrangement will be an original and know one else will have anything like it. Prices start from $65. 

Head bands, bamboo string, combs or wreaths are available. 

After the event why not use your arrangment for your car or decorate your desk at work or at home?

Custom animal arrangments
Got an event that you want your best friend decorated? Custom arrangements made for all animals. Prices start at $100.​​